Football really is the beautiful game

Football is a game that draws much critisism, and for good reason. Today's game is clinical and weak, Football has lost it's character. It is for this reason I couldn't tell you the starting lineup for every Premiership team or every manager's name, however, I have never been able to.

Thailand, Why did I have to end here?

Mission Log: Have arrived at the lovely palm garden that is the Koh Samui Airport.

The final leg of my trip see's me experience a small part of Thailand and indulge in a long overdue...swim. The sea salt in my mouth triggering my gag reflex, tasted like sweet relief...and salt.

Cambodia, I think she likes me.

Mission log: We've been to both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in Cambodia, and they feel similar yet different in equal measure.

Vietnam, rinsed 3 times in 24hrs

Mission log: Temperature...high, manners...absent, teeth...presumed missing.

Each day temperatures reach 37°C and even more in Thiimy's jean shorts, but so far no burnt scalps or sore bits...only...clammy...balls.

Hong Kong, the city of Congee

Mission Log: Our time in Hong Kong see's us celebrate Chinese New Year, with fireworks, horse racing and the Symphony of Lights.