Cambodia, I think she likes me.

Mission log: We've been to both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in Cambodia, and they feel similar yet different in equal measure.

PP is much bigger and 'opportunisty', where SR is the world's central hub of massage. We partook in a $1 for 15mins street massage. Left pleased, but not 'happy'.

Stomach issues start creeping in but food quality remains high, everywhere. Use of a cheap end-to-end laundry service has us feeling presentable again, at least until we 'shart'.
Ian's room woes continue with another visit to the Emphysema Suite, but no early morning wake up calls anymore.

Cambodia is definately the excursion leg of the trip. We booked on for quad biking, sailed to the floating village, visited museums and dispensed our Rickshaw vengence with an AK-47.
2 days were reserved for bigger and more important trips. Angkor Wat and The Killings Fields.

Walking around the grasslands, as humble as I can be, the echoes of the atrocities comitted by the Khmer Rouge almost bring me to my knees. Slaughter, torture and genocide of innocent people, innocent children. To hear a first hand account adds potency to the already viscous atmosphere. The S21 prison still had sharp barbed wire and blood on the floor. Thoughts and feelings never to be forgotten.

Angkor Wat was set to be a photography extravaganza! The largest religious monument in the world, other temples, the sunset...the Chinese. The smaller, more ruinous temples were more impressive, but equally filled with Orientals getting 400 pictures of every rock. Consequently pictures were seldom artistic.

Cambodia feels good. People are friendly and we have been targeted far less. Bars are more full with western and local people and SR felt really relaxed. There is a fair degree of begging however, and although you want to give to all, your money would never last, and shamefully, you become acustomed ignoring most.
Thailand beckons and brings with it our first beaches and a new experience. Mushroom Stroganoff...less the Stroganoff.

Much love