Thailand, Why did I have to end here?

Mission Log: Have arrived at the lovely palm garden that is the Koh Samui Airport.

The final leg of my trip see's me experience a small part of Thailand and indulge in a long overdue...swim. The sea salt in my mouth triggering my gag reflex, tasted like sweet relief...and salt.

The hotel was smart and more lavish than we had become accustomed to, but the main reason for being in Thailand, when the moon was fullest...was to party. The Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan is legend and it is here that I would have another adventure.

As I gulped down the lumpy, wood tasting milkshake, I think of England. A deep sickness entered my stomach, and it took the sea air and beautiful view from 'Mushroom Mountain' 30 minutes to cure it, and replace it with all kinds of good shit.

With a permanent smile on my face and a wobble to my step, we strut to the laughing gas stand with all the swagger of Mr. Soft, and began to choke on laughter. The scene hours later was somewhat different. A flock of fetid French armpits in our face as we queued in sweltering humidity for the speedboat back.

My final night was spent with good friends, on a good beach, with darkness growing, watching the day and the trip come to and end. The sound of the waves, like long deep breaths after a sprint to the finish line. Another permanent smile on my face.